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This group's for new, average, or experienced authors who are trying to get noticed, published, or just need help with a novel or book that they're writing. This group will help these authors perfect and critique their ideas and writings so they are ready for submissions to publishers in the hopes of being published and put out there in the world for everyone to see and read.
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Helping Authors With Their Dreams

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Chapter 1

Hey guys this is the first chapter of the book I'm currently trying to write. It's going to be a werewolf action adventure/romance type novel. Please let me know what you think! Thanks.

                           Chapter 1

    Another day just like any other: wake up, shower, school, track practice, and then home. Yup, that's the exciting life of me, Aria Lupita Louvel. Oh and another thing, I've got a huge secret that I have to keep to myself, I'm a werewolf. I love it but at the same time I hate that I have to hide myself from my best friends a lot, lie to them, and feel like I can't confide in them with everything. Other than that I'm a pretty average girl, in my opinion. I'm great at sports, even though I try not to cheat; I always end up doing so out of competitiveness. I'm not the most popular and I wouldn’t consider my looks too amazing, but then again almost no one likes the way they look. I'm an art bound student so I know for sure what I want to do in my future.

    The hype before something big happens, it gets everyone going. It's the night of the big dodge ball tournament at school and everyone is so amped up on adrenaline you can literally feel it coming off of the people around you. Tonight is also the night of the full moon, and some say that that brings out the realness in some more than others.

    Waiting. It's one of the hardest things to do if you are like me. Also, being in this confined gym all the smells blend together into one big stink. Being here is a big risk for me considering the circumstances. But it's the first year, even though I’m a senior, that I've actually found a team for myself.

    Finally it begins.

    Our fist opponent was so easy, I could have easily beaten them myself, if I used my secret advantage that is. Just then something caught my attention from the other side of the gym, I couldn't figure out what it was at first. As our 2nd match ended the feeling became stronger to find whatever it was. Finally I locate the source of my distraction, it's him. Connor Weylyn. I’m not sure why all of a sudden I'm so drawn to him, I mean I've always been attracted to him, even though I've never really talked to him. I see him nearly every day after school at practice. He smells so good, I decide then I need to be nearer. But sadly, it was time for our 3rd match and we were in the big gym this time. To my surprise, he was sitting in the front row on the bleachers. That was a problem, being so close but not being able to have him.

    The match starts and I step in. Waiting, waiting for a ball, dodging them but everyone else picking the balls up before I could get to them. Turning around I see him, sitting on the bleacher holding a purple ball, holding it out to me. I'm so taken aback by this small little reaction between us that I nearly forgot all that was going on around me. Through that I forget to say thanks, great, not off to a good start. I turn back to the game and we eventually win.

    They were next so I decided to sit with a few friends while waiting for my next match. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He's so cute. I watch as he walks around waiting to start. Then he turns around and he looks directly at me, right into my eyes, and we lock gazes for a few seconds before he's forced to break away. That was it, that's all it took. I was surprised about how, after so long, how little control I have over my inner beast. It was clawing its way to the surface of my skin; I need to get out quick.

    "Hey guys, I'm going to go to the bathroom quick before my next match."

    "Is everything ok?"

    "Yeah I’m fine; I have to tell you something later though."

    "Ok hurry back."

    “I will.”

    So I get up and leave for the locker room, here at least I hope I can calm down a little and keep myself from blowing the secret. No such luck. It's come to the point where I can feel that all too familiar pull on my bones and flesh. Oh no! I ran as quick as I could into one of the showers and locked it.

Dropping to the floor in agony, my wolf rips free of my human self. Now I understand. I sniffed the air to see if I'm alone, luckily I am. However, that wouldn't really matter once I leave the locker room. I crawled on my belly underneath the space in the door. I ran to the door and nudged it open with my nose.

    This was the time for quickness. I hope no one screams, much... I run out through the door and down the hall a bit to the gym doors. Peeking around the corner I'm met with all kinds of reactions. Some wonder, some fear, some surprise, and some nothing at all. I didn't growl, for I knew that would make matters worse. I tried to make myself as least threatening as possible, and pushed onward. Now there were screams. Oh how it pierces my sensitive ears, I hate it. Now I only have one mission.

    I didn't need to growl, but I ran and wove through people to get to the main gym before the crowd dispersed enough to reveal me to the game going on. He was there, playing. Without thinking I howled, letting everyone know my presence. Everyone stopped dead at the noise. No one dared to move. The fear wafting off everyone was making my nose itch. Each emotion has its own smell you know, it’s pretty cool. I slowly walked my way over to Connor. I sensed he knew more than he showed. I tried a growl of secret talk; maybe he'd hear my human voice behind the growl...

    "Connor..." He stood there with a shocked expression, unable to move.

    "You are the one I want. I’m choosing you as my mate."

    Still he didn't answer.

    "You can't do anything about my decision. You must find me in my human form."

    Then I leap forward throwing myself into him, wishing all the time that I was human and not a wolf at this moment. I could definitely smell fear now. Gaining position over him, the fear was visible now as he lay flat on the floor trying to push away from me. I lower my head near his face but he flinches. I was taken aback by this I'm sure my eyes showed the sudden hurt. I lowered my muzzle to his cheek and rubbed it affectionately with my nose. Then, ever so lightly, I licked his chin. He was warming up to me, I could feel it. Even with all the other feelings being thrown about the room, his was the strongest and the only one that mattered to me. I backed away a bit and, faster than anything human, I lurch towards his wrist and bite him, cracking the skin and drawing blood.

    "Ow! What the hell?"

    "You have 1 hour before you will start to feel the effects of the bite."

    "What do I do then?"

    If it weren't for my super sensitive hearing I wouldn't have heard the whisper that barely left his mouth.

    "Meet me at the equipment shed outside between the soccer and football fields. Make sure you move your car out of the parking lot, just park it out of sight."

    "But..." He started, but stopped as I got up and leapt across the gym in 2 giant leaps, and escaped through the open door.

    Now he was mine, my mate. The bite sealed the deal. Whether he knows who I truly am or not, he will find out soon. But for now, the only thing that matters is that it's the full moon, I just bit Connor. Everyone saw what I am and what I did, but not the transformation, so maybe I was somewhat lucky.

Now there's bigger matters. I have no clothes, I’m in a wolf's body, and I’m at the school. I need someplace to change back so I could get my clothes. It wasn't like any of the movies on TV where if you change, when you change back you still have some sort of clothing to cover yourself, no, changing back left one completely naked and vulnerable.

    I ran around to the back of the school where the drivers Ed cars are kept, and easily jumped over the 10 foot fence. This was the only chance I had. Hopefully everyone would still be in the gym, shocked and wondering about what had just happened.  I bit and tore off the lock to the weight room door. The door swung open at the force, and I slipped inside. Using my hearing, I listened to one of the teachers speaking into a microphone, calling everyone into the gym and telling them that the rest of the matches would have to be postponed to the following night. What luck! Knowing the door in here was also locked; I bit and tore the lock off of this one too. Then I changed back into my naked human self and opened the door. I stepped out slowly, peaking around the corner to see if anyone was in the hall that would see me. No one was. I slipped around the corner and into the space for the girls’ locker room door; good thing the distance between the two doors was so short. I ran inside and back into the shower, slipping back under the space.

    I hurriedly put my clothes back on and waited; everyone was just being released to the parking lot so I went unnoticed into the crowd and left the school. I got into my car, threw the stuff into the passenger seat, and got out the blanket from the back. Chances are, Connor or I would probably need this later...

    It's been 30 minutes now. I could easily drive home and dump my stuff into my basement that doubles as my room, then change and run back to the school in about 20 minutes. But then I might have to deal with my mom. On the other hand, if I don't do that, she might get suspicious that I'm coming home with a half-naked guy and bringing him into my room. I'm not going to take my chances with that possibility, so I'm going to have to let her believe that I'm home and I went to bed early.

    I drove home quickly, speeding over the back roads at almost double the speed limit. Reaching my house, I parked the car, and instead of going through my basement doors like usual, I went through the side door to the first floor of my house. Inside I met my mom playing her usual computer game.

    "Late night huh?"

    "Yeah it was pretty intense; my team did pretty good though. I did well."

    "That's good."

    "I'm headed to bed early, I might read a bit but I'm probably not going to come back upstairs.”

    "Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow morning; still want to go grocery shopping with me?"

    "Maybe. If I'm not upstairs awake and ready by about 11, leave without me."

    "Alright honey, good night."

    "Good night." She said.

    Well that was easy. Over the years I never did anything that would make her not trust me. So no questions asked because she had no reason to believe me to be lying. I went downstairs as she headed upstairs to her room, making sure I locked my door behind me. I silently opened my door to outside with a bag of sweats, and stashed it into a hallowed tree for us later. I walked onto the abandoned train tracks and stripped. I put my clothes into the same hallowed tree nearby. Glancing quick around me I checked for anyone, as of it mattered. I changed into my wolf form and started sprinting through the woods, back towards my school. The only part I was worried about was there was 2 heavily used roads that cut through the trees. Hopefully there won't be too many cars.

    I got to the first road with no problem and no cars coming either way, so I jumped across in 1 big leap. I was getting even more excited to see Connor. Thoughts raced through my mind. What if he didn't show, what would I do then? If he does show, what kind of wolf will he look like? Would he be like me and have black fur? Maybe silvery gray, timber, or even white fur... I hope it's black like me.

    Lost in thought, I almost ran straight across the second road without even stopping to look, I came to a skidding halt. Good thing too because there were two cars, but that's it. I waited for them to go by, and made sure they were around the bend before I jumped across the road and back into the trees. I could do this. I'm almost to the school. It's taken a little bit longer than I originally thought, but still under an hour. I take the long way through the trees around the football field to the shed to go unnoticed. No one is here. Well, I am a bit early. So I sat and laid down like a sleeping dog.

 be continued...
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Rules to Abide By Please

This group’s for all kinds of writers, poets, lyricists, who want to get their pieces of work out there for everyone to see. Here at Half-Way-There, I literally mean, you’re half way there to getting your work the great recognition it deserves.

Here, our founder co-founders, and other deviants can help you and constructively critique you in the areas in which you may need the most improvement in. Don’t take it as something bad, because it isn’t. You may be making a mistake somewhere, and if you are then we’re here to help you figure it out. As of right now, since this is a fairly new group, the submissions are open and unlimited. This is, of course, UNTILL FURTHER NOTICE, so please as the number of watchers and contributors increases, keep an eye on the submission rules.

Our Founder, that’s me, would like to welcome you to our lovely group, but would also be very much obliged if you’d read some of our rules here and remember them. C’mon, it’s not that hard:

1). First: MOST IMPORTANT RULE! I catch you stealing, you’re out of the group for good and you get reported to the DeviantArt Administrators! Any co-founder caught stealing will be banned from the group, all their literature deleted from this gallery, and they will be reported. (Deletion of all work in Half-Way-There’s gallery of plagiarizing deviants also goes for members too). Don’t steal art, create it. There’s better joy in creating than plagiarizing.

2). Second most important rule, Kind, Constructive, Criticism: Please pay special attention to this one. If you’re going to give criticism, please make it constructive; not destructive. Here on Half-Way-There, we want our artists to feel like they have elbow room to improve instead of constant negative criticism being shoved up their –ahem- well you get the point... Some people are better than you at certain things, and then again, you’re better at other things than them. You may be great at writing, but your friend, not the overnight sensational hit of the century. When you’re constructively criticizing, try to NOT use negative words like: not, no, never, shouldn’t, Instead look for better substitute words that can help the person you’re critiquing feel like they haven’t just been bashed down and shouldn’t try writing ever again. If you ever have any questions on constructive criticism, don’t be afraid to ask me or some of my co-founders. I’m sure they’d be glad to help.

3). Be Kind, Please: No racial, sexist, religious, intolerant fighting on here! I’m Roman Catholic and I get along with Atheists all the time! If someone wants to submit a piece on Muslim cultures, or a poem on Jesus Christ, that’s ok with me, and it should be with you, because we’re in America. Don’t like freedom of religion, go take that up with Congress; not me. Feel free to express your honest opinions on fellow deviants’ work, but if I, or any of my co-founders, run into any threats, foul language, insulation of one’s race, sex, or religion, then you (the perpetrator) will be BANNED from this group for good and REPORTED. Please, I’m just trying to create a clean, healthy environment for people to be able to improve on their literature and get noticed.

4). Mature Content: Please NO pornographic or extremely rated X Adult, Mature content on here. Simple or mild sex or erotic scenes in literature are acceptable here, but it’s probably not best to write about something you watched in a porno a week ago.

5). Swearing: Swearing IS acceptable on here, but please DO NOT write a whole page filled with the word fuck and submit it here. It will be deleted and you will be banned. Think of the usage of swear words as in dialect between two or more characters, gangs, couples, etc. you get the point. If it’s in your story to have someone swear once or twice, than that’s acceptable. If anyone has any issues (i.e. racial issues) with certain swear words that have been used in literature, they can take it up with me, the Founder, and I will see to the situation.

6). Please don’t fight with the co-founders. If there’s a problem, please message me immediately and I will see to it. Also please no back talking co-founders or your founder. We’re trying our best to make this work.

7). No breaking the rules. (see, ha, I knew you’d look for this one!)

8). Have fun and please don’t think I’m being mean with all these rules. I just want everyone to be able to enjoy this group, and benefit from it, as much as everyone else.

Other than that, please enjoy yourself on here and feel free to chat with us in our chat room -->…






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